It’s been a hot minute since we heard the name Foster The People. Now, the band have returned to headlines for all the right reasons. The ‘Pumped Up Kids’ royalty has offered up their own Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theory.

Jeffrey Epstein, a high-profile financier whose inner circle boasted a roster of high profile names like Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Woody Allen. Epstein was set to stand trial on charges related to sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. He stood accused of running a “vast network” of underage girls for sex. After pleading not guilty to the charges laid against him last month, Epstein reportedly took his own life in his jail cell on Saturday.

When news broke that Epstein had died, rumours and conspiracy theories reached their groundswell. Many speculated that Epstein may have held crucial information that would have warranted powerful people wanting him dead. Whilst there has been no evidence to suggest that his death was foul play, the hashtag #EpsteinMurder trended internationally on Saturday.

Foster The People offered their take on Epstein’s death. In a tweet posted on Saturday night, the band shared that they believe that his death was a hoax, and the photo circulating that show’s the billionaire’s body being wheeled out on a gurney is part of an elaborate conspiracy.

“Have you seen photos of the body?” the band wrote. “It’s obviously not him. my guess is, Epstein’s on a private plane to somewhere in the middle east getting prepped for plastic surgery right now #EpsteinBodyDouble”

It’s an ambitious theory, but we’re listening.

Earlier this month, Foster People unveiled their latest single ‘Imagination’, the third track in a trio of singles the band have dropped this year, following up ‘Style’ and ‘Worst Nights.’ You can check it out below.

Watch: Foster The People – ‘Imagination’

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