Sydney punk rockers Frenzal Rhomb have added a zombie bandana to their range of COVID-19 merch items. The band are also flogging COVID Ice Zombie Mugs, which prominently display the virus’ microscopy image.

It’s been a few years since we heard new music from Frenzal Rhomb, but that hasn’t stopped the punk rock veterans pumping out new merch. The latest item to appear in the band’s official range is the zombie bandana, which can now double as a face covering to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Stay safe, and more importantly, keep everyone else safe from your filthy virus-ridden droplets with this filthy and 100% virus-free bandana.Not many left so get on it before science discovers a vaccine and these are just fashionable hankies,” the band wrote on Instagram.

face mask
Frenzal Rhomb’s zombie bandana

The bandanas were actually launched in June – a time in the distant past when it seemed Australia had all but defeated the novel coronavirus. However, they’re now far more significant, as face coverings were made compulsory across Melbourne earlier this week.

Police are handing out $200 fines to anyone seen in public without a face mask in Melbourne. 16 people in the capital received fines on the first day under the new rules. The good news is that Frenzal’s zombie bandanas will only set you back $19.95. Check them out in the band’s official store here.

Frenzal frontman Jay Whalley is set to play a solo show at Sydney venue Crowbar on Friday, August 21st. In order to comply with social distancing requirements, the venue limited tickets to 75. Not surprisingly, the event has already sold out.

Frenzal’s most recent album was 2017’s Hi-Vis High Tea. Produced by Bill Stevenson of California pop punk stalwart Descendents, the record included such indelible additions to the Frenzal repertoire as ‘Ray Ahn Is My Spirit Animal’, ‘I’m Shelving Stacks (As I’m Stacking Shelves)’, and ‘Don’t Cast Aspergers On Me’.

Check out ‘Who’d Be a Cop?’ by Frenzal Rhomb: