Six years after the release of her album The Sting, Gabriella Cilmi has returned with her incredible blues and country-inspired EP ‘The Water’

We’ve been patiently waiting for new Gabriella Cilmi tunes for years, constantly repeating her classic hits from The Sting, Ten and Lessons To Be Learned, and now six long years later, we’ve been blessed. Simply anointed with The Water.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist Eliott James and co-written with her brother Joseph, The Water EP showcases a more mature and authentic sound from the beloved Australian artist, who has taken some time off to perfect her craft, and it shows.

With lead track ‘Ruins’, Cilmi marked her return to the Australian music landscape, and she’s been sorely missed.

The brand new EP out today is an exceptional change of sound and pace, proving the vocal versatility and vulnerability of an artist who refuses to back down, and is ever-eager to challenge herself and evolve.

Check out ‘Ruins’ from the brand new EP below.

Gabriella Cilmi Track by Track on her new EP

Track 1 – ‘Safe From Harm’

“This song is about needing space and asking a loved one to respectfully back off…whilst trying not to let them down at the same time. Sometimes you can become so intertwined with someone that their thoughts become your own, their dreams become yours and even though the love is strong before you know it you have quite the identity crisis.  Around the time we wrote this song I was asked to sing a tune by the Faces at a friends wedding, I do believe Rod subliminally inspired the sound of the song!”

Track 2 – ‘Forgiveness’

I had this idea for an opening line, a really simple melody and lyric, so I brought it to my brother and he really quickly came up with a beautiful chord sequence inspired by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. The song fell into place thereafter. There had been a few episodes of infidelity that affected people close to me and the subject naturally manifested itself into the song. 

Track 3 – ‘Ruins’

“‘Ruins’ was one of those tunes that came about really quickly. It was the first time Eliot and I had worked together in about 5 years. At that point I knew that with the new record I wanted to take things back to basics so we recorded the demo pretty simply and quickly with just guitar and piano.  I didn’t want to spend years on a vocal take. I wanted it to feel spontaneous, more like a live performance. The song is basically a warning to take care and treasure the ones you love. It’s just as easy to build a relationship up as it is to tear it down.”

Track 4 – ‘The Water’

“We wrote the water over a blues riff and it kind of evolved from there.  The lyrics were inspired by new-age prophets and the self-professed messiah types, who promise you heaven on earth if you follow them, sign up to their courses or donate to their “churches” funding their lavish lifestyles. I was watching Wild, Wild Country at the time and I guess that may have sublimely influenced me.”

Track 5 – ‘Keep On Keeping’
“This is my daily routine in the form of a song. Came off sounding a bit more like a lament for the undead.”

Track 6 – ‘Get Yourself Together’

“Get yourself together …basically what I tell myself every “morning” when I wake up in the afternoon. This one’s fun to play.”

Listen to the phenomenal brand new EP below