Gene Simmons, the man who’s bled the authenticity of rock music dry in exchange for an empire, has attempted to associate his band KISS with every brand and product on the planet. Now, in a recent interview with Loudwire, the renowned creep revealed that his efforts to trademark extend beyond just devil horns. The writer of respectful anthems like ‘Christine Sixtine’ and ‘Calling Doctor Love’, said that he believed the idea of a ‘naked carwash’ would be a ‘good business model’, surprising absolutely no one.

“I thought it would be a good business model where in the middle of nowhere – where it’s allowed legally – people go to strip clubs and stuff like that.” If the idea doesn’t make your skin crawl enough, the 68-year-old went into detail as to how the idea would function, “why not sit in there, have strobe light as you go and somebody’s washing your car while they’re doing that. *seductively holds a finger in his mouth* College girls need money too. And everything’s wet and they get water on them. Naked Carwash!”

Watch the entire interview below.

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He also reveals that he once attempted to create a program called ‘Trophy Wife’, but was knocked back because the idea was too regressive.

“‘Trophy Wife’ was a show I created that Lionsgate and I were doing. We partnered up, 50/50, and they said ‘Look, before we start pithing it,’ this was a while back, eight years ago or so, ‘We’d like to change the title because it’s demeaning to women.'”

“And I said ‘I appreciate that but I didn’t create the term, it’s what it’s called when you have a beautiful woman and she has no other abilities. She’s a trophy wife!’ And I wanted to do ‘Fast and Furious’ and very funny kind of show.”

At the end of last year, Simmons was accused of sexual battery in a lawsuit that detailed the KISS bass-player made “unwarranted sexual advances” during an off-camera interview with bandmate Paul Stanley.

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