We caught up with Queensland’s singer-songwriter star LT to find out more about her music and what makes her tick. 

A three times winner of the Queensland Music Award, LT’s latest single is called ‘Hold Ya’ and it’s a slick and sweet carving of dream pop goodness. It arrived alongside an encapsulating video (filmed by Chelsey Johnston), showing those lovely moments of connection between people. A couple argue on an ice skate rink, before making up and embracing by the video’s end.

The track is soaked in nostalgia, full of swooning and buoyant instrumentals that can’t help but uplift the listener’s spirits. “’Hold Ya’ was written during a pretty turbulent time,” explains LT, “It’s a story about two people in love, however through the struggles they’ve endured they begin to drift apart.  Neither of them want to leave, but both of them are desperately seeking reassurance that the other wants them to in fact stay and it turns out they both do.”

Otherwise known as Leanne Tennant, the U.K.-born, Papua New Guinea-raised, far north Queensland resident (what a journey that is) chatted with us as part of our popular Get To Know series which you can read below.

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Check out ‘Hold Ya’:

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How did your artist name come about?  

Throughout my life my name has been spelt incorrectly.  I’ve had Leanne Ternat, Leanne Pennant, Teanne….the list goes on.  It felt like it was time to simplify things and go by what most people call me, and that’s LT. In my work life people call me LT and have done so for some time.  Like most nicknames – people choose them for you. I’ve become very used to it now and it’s pretty bloody hard to misspell LT.

How would you describe your music to your grandma?

In the words of my gal pal Tiana, I would tell her, ‘It’s vibrant and airy like cotton candy floating on a breeze’.

Tell us about a few of your tracks; their titles and what they’re about? 

My recent single ‘Hold Ya’ is about a relationship under strain.  It’s about a couple recognising the fragility of their relationship however they’re both determined to stick it out. It’s a song filled with hope.

What do you love about your hometown? 

I love that there’s no traffic. It’s a small town and predominantly uses roundabouts instead of rows of traffic lights which I think eases the congestion that large cities experience.  I also love that you can jump on a boat and in 40 minutes be on Fitzroy Island.  It’s a pretty cruisy life up in Cairns.

Career highlight so far? 

Getting to support Bernard Fanning.

Fave non-music hobby? 

I love to walk.  It’s always been my dream to hike the Camino de Santiago and I hope one day I can achieve that.  It’s great for my mental health as I tend to churn through a bunch of thoughts and feelings and sometimes even come up with some random melodies that I’m least expecting and by the time I’m back home my head feels so much clearer.

Check out ‘Till The Sun Dies’:

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What’s on your dream rider?

A bottle of Glenmorangie and an open fireplace to cosy up beside.

Dream music collaboration?

It would be a dream to meet and work with The Streets.  I’ve been a fan of theirs for many years and think that Mike Skinner is a bit of a genius.  Wow, what a dream.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Writing songs with Mike Skinner. Surely he’s reading this right?

What’s your go-to karaoke song? 

‘Pea’ – Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

What’s on the cards for the future?

If things don’t work out with Mike Skinner, then I’ll settle for a cabin on a hill somewhere writing music until I get old and grey.  Possibly with a bottle of Glenmorangie and fireplace.

Check out ‘Overthinker’:

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