Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has teased that a high-profile reunion is on the way for next week’s Pilton Party in England.

If you found yourself watching The Cure’s headline set at Glastonbury at the end of June, you’d be well aware of the sort of amazing acts that festival organiser Michael Eavis brings to music fans.

First founding Glastonbury back in 1970, Eavis has overseen performances from some of the biggest acts in the world, helping unknowns go on to become headliners, and providing music-lovers with access to their new favourite artists.

“I genuinely think 2019 was the best Glastonbury ever and it’ll be very very difficult to run a better one,” Eavis recently explained to Bristol Live.

“There was so much stuff we did which we probably should have saved for next year, to be honest. We almost treated this year like the 50th anniversary,” he added. “I’ve never done a show as good as this one and if people are expecting more next year, they should forget it!”

Check out The Cure at Glastonbury:

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However, music fans have now found themselves looking towards next month’s Pilton Party, a secondary festival that has run since 1984, and often sees the headliner appearing at Glastonbury at some point.

While the likes of Wolf Alice have already been announced to top the bill, Michael Eavis has hinted that a big-name reformation is also on the lineup.

“We’ll be revealing the special guests at 6am on the day of the party, so I encourage people to tune in to their radios then,” Eavis explained ahead of the festival’s kick-off on September 6th.

“They’re a big, big band who are reforming just for this. They’ve got loads of hit records and they’re going to be absolutely great, I can’t wait to see them,” he added. “I expect a lot of people will want to get a ticket on the gate after they’re announced.”

While very few details have been announced about who this band may be, speculation is already rife as to who it could be, with the unofficial Secret Glasto Twitter account sharing a Tweet stating that “We’re not going to Grass up the special guest at the Pilton Party, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be Super.”

With this info in mind, folks have begun to assume that Supergrass could be making their first live appearances since breaking up back in 2010.

While side-project The Hotrats performed at the Pilton Party back in 2011, and Supergrass performed at Glastonbury in 1995, 1997, 2003, and 2004, it’s no stretch to say that Eavis might have called up his old friends to make this one happen.

Whatever the case, it seems like we’ll know for sure by the end of next week.

Check out ‘Alright’ by Supergrass:

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