Missed out on tickets to Queens of the Stone Age or LCD Soundsystem and not keen on spending ridiculous amounts to buy a ticket on resale? Then Mushroom’s ‘Golden Ticket’ is probably what you’re after.

Let’s face it, every music-lover in Australia probably wants to get their hands on it, and with the annual contest about to start up again it’s time to enter and start crossing your fingers.

Not only does it get you a whole year’s worth of guaranteed entry to a bunch of huge gigs from Frontier Touring and A Day on the Green, but it also scores you a double pass to Melbourne’s Sugar Mountain festival too – not too shabby.

There are obviously plenty more tours that will be announced as the months go by, but the ticket already gets you into big upcoming tours like alt-J, Bliss n Eso, Ed Sheeran, LCD Soundsystem, Lorde, Midnight Oil, Migos, Queens of the Stone Age and a stack of others.

The ticket itself is worth thousands, sure, but apparently last year’s winner Brit mostly enjoyed that feeling of popularity you get from being that person with the plus-one. Now, her reign has come to an end, and it’s time for a new ticket to be won.

To enter, you just need to head to the website, pick three artists you’d love to see tour Oz, and then explain why. You’ve got two weeks to think up your best answers, with entries closing June 30.