West Australian band Good Doogs have fired their manager/drummer Michael Grainger, and pulled out of all upcoming performances, following a raft of sexual abuse, racism and misogyny claims.

A month ahead of their upcoming tour, and not long before appearances at Falls Festival and Yours & Owls, members of the Mandurah band, including Asher James and Michael Grainger, have been accused online of “disturbing” behaviour.

An Instagram user who claims to be pregnant with member Andy Darbourne’s child, alleges that frontman Asher James took part in the behaviour.

“Asher the singer of Good Doogs has taken part in some really disturbing behaviour that the whole band is aware of.”

According to the user, her concerns of his “physical” behaviour were left ignored.

The user alleges that James snuck underage girls into their 18+ show in return for sex.

“The things I can mention are him sneaking underage girls into their 18+ show in Canberra in exchange for sex (I know this first hand). Another instance is him threatening to drive home drunk if a woman he liked wouldn’t let him sleep in bed with her.”

Upon learning of these various issues, the woman allegedly had conversations with both Darbourne and Grainger to try address them.

“I tried to speak to their drummer/manager (Grainger AKA Grudge) this evening to see if he would be open to resolving things internally in their band. He has previously said to me that if Asher ever did anything to damage the bands (sic) reputation that they kick him out and find a new singer,” she said.

Following further pushes to address the behaviours, she was sent “cease and desist” letters over text message. “Upon me raising my concerns tonight, his response was legal threats,” she continues.

She was also supposedly sent messages threatening $250,000 fines.

In her social media post, she also raises concerns with racism and misogyny by Grainger himself.

“Their drummer / manager has said revolting things over the duration of our friendship.” She then includes an example of an alleged text message from Grainger, where he supposedly says “abos and girls just win the awards cos they have to because of political correctness”.

“Another was him bragging about sleeping with an 18 year old (he is 31),” she alleges. “Another was bragging about how he’s talking to a woman who had a high libido, so he was going to just ‘fuck her heaps then stop before she gets attached'”.

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Good Doogs

Following the public backlash the band has received since the allegations came to light, Good Doogs have made a statement today.

The statement, published on Facebook, apologises for the alleged behaviour of the accused members, and announces the removal of Michael Grainger from the band.

Read the full statement from Good Doogs below:

As well as this, the band have removed themselves from any live performances scheduled indefinitely.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as any further developments come to light.