The Liberal government, who are totally in touch and respectful of the needs of young people had a lot to say when it came to the actions of the nations leading youth radio station yesterday.

After a national survey and consultation with Australia’s Indigenous community, Triple J announced the official date change for the renowned Hottest 100 countdown.  60 percent of survey respondents were in favour of the date change, however, Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield seems to believe it was a ‘really bad’ decision because who cares about democracy, right?

In an interview with ABC, the out of touch leader voiced his concerns stating, “sometimes, as a minister, you slap your forehead and say to yourself, ‘What were these guys thinking?’ This is just a really bad idea; it’s a dumb idea and Triple J should change their minds.” He also went on to say that he’ll be asking Triple J to ‘think again’.

To further display his dissonance with the concerns of the majority of the nation, he went on to say “there are a relatively small number of people who have an issue with the fact that Australia Day is celebrated on January 26.” We’re sure the 60 percent of respondents who voted passionately for the date change of

Bill Shorten has also taken to Twitter to voice his disdain for Fifield’s comments and the Turnball government in general.

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