After deleting his Tweet promoting a new cryptocurrency, Gunna faces accusations of a rug pull scam from Twitter users.

On Monday (Jan. 31), Gunna sent out a Tweet detailing the launch of a new cryptocurrency he was backing called PushinPETH.

“Ay @pushinpeth making a crypto metaverse for us! @shanemooncharts backing the project, I know this is gonna fly. IM TAKING THIS TO THE MOON JOIN THE TELEGRAM HERE.”

Despite’s @shanemooncharts seeming anonymity, Gunna chose to include the account in his Tweet to help establish the project’s credibility to fans. While Gunna’s initial Tweet and the PushinPETH account have since been deleted, the @shanemooncharts account has remained up, which may lend to the account being a separate entity from Gunna entirely.

Gunna’s album DS4Ever, which came out January 7, 2022, features the song ‘Pushin P’ with Young Thug and Future which saw the titular phrase go viral in weeks since its release. The aforementioned Gunna cryptocurrency seems to be a play on the phrase’s popularity that Gunna has been given recent credit for. However, since Gunna’s tweet, some users have started to question the motives of the Atlanta-born rapper— calling out the move as a crypto rug pull and providing evidence to back up such claims.

A rug pull is a financial term used to describe a scenario in which immediately upon the release of an asset its value sees meteoric growth before the initial investors quickly pull out and the asset crashes. In Layman’s terms: it’s a quick cash grab where the people promoting the asset make out like bandits and leave all the people they duped with less money than they started with. Twitter user @zachxbt was quick to recognize this behavior and drew attention to the situation and provided receipts to match. Since the self-proclaimed ‘On-chain sleuth’ called out this rug pull, many other Twitter users have begun voicing their displeasure in Gunna’s actions.

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