Self described art rockers Gypsy & The Cat are back with their new sophomore album The Late Blue to pump their alternative synth pop melodies back into our heads, and it goes without saying the pop sensation have backed things up smoothly.

The band’s new 10 track groove sits a walking distance away from their well received debut, 2010’s Giglamesh, with upbeat melodic segments floating through experimental pop soundscapes, the band continue their consistent career with a new album evident of their growth and new influences.

Beginning with the mild tempo ‘Only In December’, The Late Blue takes off with its newly present inspirations, echoing the sound of MGMT, Gypsy & The Cat show a new growth in production and songwriting technique. New equipment was surely purchased, although comes across as well manipulated and understood in comparison to a large amount of modern pop outfits, who sometimes seemingly throwing in the first found preset on the newest model Korg.

Highlighting additional changes in the tracks ‘Broken Kite’, ‘Valleys Of Kashmir’ and ‘Zombie World’, the band claim to have taken influence from the likes of Spiritulized and The Zombies although after result are possibly reminiscent of modern psych-pop bands Broken Bells and Mercury Rev.

Flowing consistently with a rock inspired psychedelic soundscape, the band continue to reflect a broader sound while constantly keeping a groove. The album as a whole regularly bounces back into full speed pop numbers that melt into your brain like various other radio repeats (that you used to know).

Mind you, with the structural consistency there does still come experimental input, and seemingly spooked by mainstream success, the band have taken on new ground and respectively kept their own.

Proving their original outlook, The Late Blue ensures a continued pop reign from the Melbourne outfit, with the duo’s familiar taste proving itself nationally as well as internationally – these particular synth pop creators aren’t fading into the shadows.

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