Hemingway pricked our ears up late last year with their single ‘Soulfood’ which, together with debut EP Carnival of Freaks, brought a signature  touch of cosmic psych to their blend of reggae and dub. Now, they’ve given it a slick new clip, showing off their choreographed dance moves as they romp around their hometown of Brissy.

If you think they look a bit toasty under those Hawaiian shorts, you’re not wrong, and the city turned it on for them just as the cameras started rolling. “We filmed the clip in the middle of a heat wave,” they say, “not ideal when hours of dancing are required.”

They’d have cause to be a little bit worn out, too, ramping up their live presence of late;  they’ve already supported the likes of Bootleg Rascal, Dubmarine and Ocean Alley, and have played a bunch of shows both here and NZ.

With ‘Soulfood’ now done and dusted, there’s more space-age reggae on the way in coming weeks, more gigs, and a set lined up at the 10th anniversary of Byron Bay’s Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival over the Easter weekend.

Keep an eye on them here as they kick a big, spaced-out 2017 into gear, and check out the new clip below.