OpenLIVE, the tool that allows musicians to easily and reliably record their performances, have announced the launch of their much anticipated Artist Dashboard.

The dashboard is a powerful tool in a musician’s arsenal, allowing them to turn their live performances into live releases wherever OpenLIVE’s MasterBuilder is installed.

“This is completely new infrastructure for the Music Industry, and for the time being we’re letting bands and Artists sign up and use it for free,” says Simon Tait, Audio and Technology Director at OpenLIVE.

“Capturing your recording is literally as simple as booking a plane ticket. We’ve engineered an automatic scheduling, recording, mixing, mastering and optimisation routine that produces very high quality recordings.”

In fact, as Simon notes, some artists have already turned their OpenLIVE recordings into full albums, such as Papa G & The Starcats. Meanwhile, Dan Sultan is set to embark on a special OpenLIVE tour this month.

“Importantly, artists retain all copyright in their recordings. It’s a dead-simple way to monetise live recordings, but the artist (or rights-owner) will always have the final say as to whether the recording is released or not.”

“If they don’t like how they played, or the recording doesn’t fit with their album release schedule then they can archive the gig, release it down the track, or simply hang onto it as a reference for how they played on the night.”

By signing up via the official OpenLIVE website, artists can create their own profile, through which they’ll be able to manage their own recordings and releases.

“With what we have been able to achieve so far in terms of Artist sign-up, we can really see the validation for what we’re doing, and with the official launch today I only see this improving dramatically over the coming weeks and months,” says Dale Moore, Chief Executive Officer.

OpenLIVE officially launched in August with their Hi-Res audio download store, however the key focus for the business has been live music and the OpenLIVE dashboard is just the latest step.