The Godfather of Punk has sung Mitski’s praises on his BBC 6 radio show. Yesterday before playing her song “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars.” Iggy had this to say:

“She’s a great talent. For me she’s probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know — if it’s not her, maybe I would say Justin Vernon, the Bon Iver guy — but this young woman is really really really… she can do whatever she wants. She writes and sings and she plays too; her name’s Mitski.”

You can listen to a snippet of the stream below:

I wish sound were tangible so I could put a chain through this and wear it around my neck. Iggy Pop on BBC6, talking about…my music(!)

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Mitski’s next album Be The Cowboy arrives August 17th via Dead Oceans.


Be The Cowboy tracklist:

01 Geyser
02 Why Didn’t You Stop Me
03 Old Friend
04 A Pearl
05 Lonesome Love
06 Remember My Name
07 Me and My Husband
08 Come Into the Water
09 Nobody
10 Pink in the Night
11 A Horse Named Cold Air
12 Washing Machine Heart
13 Blue Light
14 Two Slow Dancers