Dan Reynolds, the frontman for the massively-popular US pop rock band Imagine Dragons, has called out Eminem over the ‘hateful’ language used on his most recent album.

In case you hadn’t heard, Eminem recently made waves when he dropped a surprise album on Friday afternoon. Titled Kamikaze, the record has so far been a critical success, though it has been met with criticism from a number of people.

On Saturday, Justin Vernon (better known to many as Bon Iver) hit back at Eminem for the language used on the track ‘Fall’, which they both collaborated on. Although the lyrics censor the word ‘faggot’ while referring to Tyler, The Creator, Vernon remained resolute in his distaste for the track.

“Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time, there is no doubt. I have and will respect that,” he explained. “Tho, this is not the time to criticize Youth, it’s the time to listen. To act. It is certainly not the time for slurs. Wish they would have listened when we asked them to change it.”

“Was not in the studio for the Eminem track,” he continued. “[It] came from a session with BJ Burton and Mike Will. Not a fan of the message, it’s tired. Asked them to change the track, wouldn’t do it.”



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Now, another successful musician has thrown their voice behind Justin Vernon, with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds hitting back at the rapper for the language used.

As Billboard notes, Dan Reynolds took Eminem to task over the lyrics in a series of Tweets that heavily criticised the rapper’s choice to include a homophobic slur.

“It’s never ok to say a word that is filled with hate,” Reynolds began. “I don’t care what year you were born in or what meaning it has to you. If it contributes to hate and bigotry then it is hateful. Period. There is never an ok time to say the word fa**ot I don’t care who you are.”

“It’s disgusting to be told this is being ‘overly sensitive’ or ‘millennial’,” he continued. “LGBTQ kids are TAKING THEIR LIVES after being bullied with homophobic slurs.”

“It’s not ‘sensitive’ to take a stand against a word that has been used to spread hate for years.”




“I’ve lived enough of my life remaining silent on these issues because of fear or lack of education,” Reynolds concluded. “I don’t live in fear anymore.”

“I still have lots to learn. but no, I will not be a silent voice with this platform I have been given.”

While Eminem is yet to respond to these criticisms of his lyrics, many fans have since taken to social media to defend the rapper, noting that his music has a history of such language, and that his previous actions indicate he is not a hateful person.

Whatever your point of view on the topic is, we have a feeling that the man who once famously said “I don’t give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off,” probably won’t be making any apologies any time soon.

Check out Eminem’s ‘Fall’:

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