Brazilian based pop-punk/emo band INNER 29 have just released their brand new EP titled Now and Again, Here with its lead single ‘Nothing Like It’

Indie Vision Music has just released the brand new EP from Brazilian based pop-punk/emo band – INNER 29. Full of catchy choruses and punchy guitar and piano-driven pop-punk music, the EP will appeal to fans of Blink-182,  Jimmy Eat World and Armor For Sleep.

INNER 29 is a Brazilian three-piece band who are ready to show the world they mean business. The band is a living example that the youthful feel of one of our favourite genres, pop-punk, is something that transcends time and place.

It all started out as a project by Mateus Freitas (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), who produced and recorded some demos in his bedroom in early 2018. He sent the songs to his closest friends, and based on their feedback, decided to record an EP on a professional studio, under the name INNER 29. He then invited two friends to join the group, Anderson Leonardo (Bass, BV) and Alexandre Junior (Guitar, BV).

Inspired by bands like Relient K, Mae, and Jimmy Eat World, and set out to make memorable music, they tracked their debut EP.

“As far as sound and production, Inner 29 is quite impressive; in fact, the whole EP sounds like it was touched on by the finest producers available”, wrote Jesus Freak Hideout music reviewer Scott Fryberger on the record. Warm-heartedly received by their town’s scene, the debut also caught the attention of US-based record label Indie Vision Music.

Though distributed independently at first, the EP Now and Again, Here has been re-released through IVM, remixed, with new artwork, mastering by Troy Glessner (New Found Glory, Neck Deep, Emery), and with two new songs.

The band are bringing a fresh new take on the genre, and we’re excited to see what they’ll do next!

Listen to ‘Nothing Like It’ below