Have you got an impeccable music taste? Are you the go-to person in the friend group for the party playlists? Then we’re looking for people just like you to join Tone Deaf Tastemakers!

Ask anyone, and they’ll likely tell you that fans of music have some of the strongest opinions of any art form. From your local record store clerk to the customer searching for their new favourite band, everyone has the power to sing the praises of the best up-and-coming artists on the scene, and help send them into the stratosphere of success.

Foo Fighters' first gig
A shot from one of Foo Fighters’ first ever gigs

Could you imagine having been one of the first people to see Dave Grohl performing his Foo Fighters project live? Your thoughts and opinions could have helped shape the face of popular music as we know it. Now, we’re looking for music fans just like you to join our new Tastemakers program so you too can help launch some stellar careers.

Tone Deaf Tastemakers is the new way for you to share your opinions on new music and win awesome prizes. Powered by The Brag Observer, “Tastemakers” will be sent new music to their inboxes and given the option to rate and review it, those that review the music will automatically go into the draw to win a prize (prizes will differ from song to song).

Really, is there anything better than offering your opinion on new music, only to be rewarded for it? Just imagine, you could be the first person to hear the next “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, or the next “Enter Sandman”, and the best part is that you could benefit from it!

All you’ve got to do to become a Tastemaker is create a Brag Observer profile and add Tastemakers to your account, it’s that easy! We’ll start sharing new music with you to get your opinions.

We’re planning some really exciting things for Tone Deaf Tastemakers and would love for you to join us on this new project.

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