Jim Adkins has announced that his new podcast, Pass Through Frequencies will be launched very soon according to his Instagram. The Jimmy Eat World vocalist and guitarist announced that it is something he has wanted to try for a while. 

The podcast will debut on the Jimmy Eat World Official YouTube channel and the trailer is already available for viewing.

“I’ve wanted to try this for a while. And all of a sudden, ‘now’ became a good time to actually do. I’m going to be putting out a video/audio podcast of talks with other musicians about songwriting” Jim Adkins said on Instagram.

“Of course other random things come up, but mostly about the craft of it. Process, preparation and execution. It’s something I’ve always been fascinated about. Coming soon! As in like, really soon.”

Total Ntertainment  confirmed that the podcast is set to be released tomorrow, August 6th with first guest, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus. Future guest stars will include; Steve Aoki, Nate Reuss, Chris Carrabba, Ben Gibbard, Tegan Quinn and David Bazan.

Jim has spoken about the creativity and idea behind the podcast. “When I’m working on a song, it almost feels like I am channeling something. It’s like I am holding the rudder with only a vague clue who might be paddling. I have to find a balanced mindset of being wholly present…and not ‘there’ at all.”

“The creative process has as much reward and mystery as it did 26 years ago when I started writing songs with Jimmy Eat World. I am still totally fascinated. In this series I chat with music people about their process, preparation and execution. As well as whatever may get thrown in on the side.”

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Check out the trailer for Pass Through Frequencies:

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