Bringing even more excitement to their degrees, JMC Academy have partnered up with Roland – music gurus of instruments, software, and professional video.

Even though they already lead in the creative industry, JMC Academy has partnered with Roland, the brand that’s on top of innovative electronic instruments as well as music software and professional video, meaning that they’ll be offering the best of the best to their students.

As JMC Academy offer a range of different degree paths such as Entertainment Business Management, Game Design, Digital Design, Audio Engineering and Sound Production, and a slew of other programs throughout the entertainment and creative industry, it’s important to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, and that means having the best on hand, which is why they’ve teamed up with Roland.

Offering a new platform for students to practice and evolve their creative journey, JMC Academy will be offering Roland Cloud – a cloud-based platform that will be offering over 50 software synthesisers, as well as sound libraries. In place across all campuses starting in September of this year, the new software will see students learning on even more platforms than before, and keeping them with the most cutting-edge technology that can be offered.

With Kemo Bunguric at the helm as Head of Music at JMC Academy’s Sydney campus, he reckons that the partnership with Roland will bring an entirely new experience for students: “It will be great having access to the range of classic Roland synths and drum machines, giving our students not only the ability to learn how synthesisers work but use these great sounds in their own productions.”

Check out the electronic drums offered by Roland:

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With JMC Academy offering this software through all three of their campuses – Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane – students from all around Australia will be able to utilise their legendary synths such as JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106, while also being able to hop into the classic rhythm machines like their TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606.

On top of this, they’ll be Zenbeats, a music creation application, as well as Roland’s ZEN-Core Synthesis System, so that students can progress with the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesiser through ZEN-Core products like the FANTOM workstation and GROOVEBOX.

“Our teachers can suggest starting points for creating a synth patch in ZENOLOGY and then check the saved results of their students creativity,” Bunguric continues. “ZENBEATS is also a great addition as our students can create, collaborate and share their musical works with each other easily when writing songs.”

As Roland has forged a path in creative technology for nearly 50 years with their electronic instruments and multimedia software, Cloud CEO Brendan Callinan hopes that this new software offerings to JMC Academy students will equip them with everything they need for their degrees.

“Our aim is to reach the next generation of music creators and inspire them to create while giving them the tools they need to succeed,” he says. “By partnering with JMC Academy, we are able to inspire students through education with both new and classic virtual instruments and applications that can help influence a future career in music.”

Check out JMC Academy and their partnership with Roland:

Curious to see how JMC Academy and Roland’s partnership will change the course of student’s study and bring them closer to their degrees in the creative field? JMC Academy has a slew of degrees in the creative fields, including their music production course that are using Roland’s Cloud technology, and there’s heaps to sign up to.

Check out JMC Academy and their partnership with Roland!

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