It’s no secret that over the last few years Facebook’s natural reach for has been decreasing in favour of ‘engaging content’ and paid advertising, but what if you’re an artist trying to get your work out to your fans? Some of your favourite Aussie musos have had it up to here with Facebook’s news feed, asking fans if their posts promoting new tracks or albums are even reaching them.

Singer-songwriter Josh Pyke took to the social media platform last night with a serious question for his followers “How are you guys engaging with Facebook posts lately?”

“I’ve noticed that if I post a picture of me feeding a Giraffe, 600 likes. A picture of me and some mates on a couch, 400 likes. That’s cool, [I] totally appreciate that. BUT, if I post a link to a FREE song download, 18 likes. OR a post about potentially GIVING away $7500, 78 likes. I don’t get it.”

Ironically fans swarmed this post, with responses ranging from sympathetic to down right educational. Josh went on to thank many for their advice, but remained critical of the service, asking “how else do musicians reach their audience apart from direct email and FB?”

Thankfully Josh has set out to change all of Facebook’s reach problems, “I’m gonna start an App called Pykebook, just for you guys, so we’ll always have each other!! xx”

Meanwhile The Living End have a second solution. Playing ball with the social media provider in promoting their upcoming album SHIFT, setting a new record for most uses of the word Facebook in the process.

They insist that “Because Facebook like to make money and Facebook like to be everywhere, we’ve learnt that in order to ensure more Facebook users get to see our Facebook posts, we need to post news on Facebook posts without links and just mention Facebook a lot”

For extra effect they even shared their own post, thanks Facebook!

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