Manager of the late Juice WRLD, Peter Jideonwo, is trying to get the rapper added to Fortnite and fans are both excited and mad.

Peter Jideonwo posted a video of him detailing his talks with Epic Games to get the posthumous rapper, Juice WRLD, into Fortnite. The fans’ reaction is naturally split, as some see it as a disrespectful cash-grab using the late Jarad Anthony Higgins’ name to get a deal while others are excited to see one of their favorite artists in the game.

Whatever the fans have expressed, Juice’s manager Pete has said that meetings with Epic are already set and will be moving forward.

“(We) really need Juice WRLD in Fortnite. We’ve been trying our hardest, and that’s also a work in progress. We actually got a meeting, I think it’s next Thursday? If I’m not mistaken, Tuesday or Thursday with Epic. Epic makes Fortnite games, so if yall wanna… It would be cool because everyone in Fortnite loves Juice WRLD. Given that Come and Go was a huge hit in Fortnite, I think it fits. So if yall wanna go hit up Epic Games and Fortnite ya’ll should definitely do that too.”

Fan reactions are coming in bother support and disgust of the move.

@NotTurtles is definitely in support of the move.

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User @_ajlores__ doesn’t see it the same way and calls the move disrespectful and cringe.

“If juice’s label thinks this is an homage to him, it’s not. Juice did not die to be a Fortnite skin. Maybe if the skin came out prior to his death, that would be different, but this potentially happening would just be so disrespectful and cringe”

Starpunk200 seems to be more of a hype beast, as do most of the people in support of the move.

Please keep us posted on this. I swear a Juice WRLD × Fortnite collaboration would break the internet”

“Please just let this man rest in peace. Hurts me seeing how disrespectful they’ve been past couple years.”

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