As Christmas comes knocking at our doors, here are some K-pop songs that go perfectly with the spirit of the season.

‘Tis the holiday season, 2022 is finally coming to a blissful end, and while we do have hopes for 2023, we’re not jinxing it. As the year draws to a close, K-pop also gets into the holiday fever, with palettes of green and red dotting releases and charming jingles that infuse warmth into the chill (at least for our pals up North). 

As we all head back home at the proverbial end of the day, these Christmas K-pop tracks give us some appreciated company. 

EXO – ‘What I Want For Christmas’

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Any K-pop fan worth their mettle will know that EXO have reigned supreme as the staples of K-pop Christmas playlists. Contrary to their usual releases – packed with energy, confidence, and just a little bit of cockiness – their Christmas/Winter albums tap into a sweet vulnerability, taking a much more mellow route musically. ‘Tis the season of Christmas as well as EXO – and the best way to start it is to listen to this tribute to their fans, EXO-Ls. 

‘I don’t need a special present, because you, you’re the one I want for Christmas’, croons the group on this sweet, slow track, released to mark their fifth Christmas with their fans. If we felt like the mushy marshmallows in a warm cup of hot chocolate, we’ll never say. 

GOT7- ‘Miracle’

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It may be a while before we see GOT7 on a stage together again (we’re still holding out hope), but until then, we have this ‘Miracle’. Following the story of a fan who dreams up a perfect Christmas with the group, this emotional, heart wrenching track brings to life every fan’s Christmas miracle, becoming a bittersweet memory in our hearts. 

MAMAMOO – ‘Memory’

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If sitting by a fire, wrapped up in a blanket, and watching the snow fall outside were a song, it would be MAMAMOO’s ‘Memory’. As close-ups of Christmas imagery transport us to a magical time – making cards, wrapping up gifts, making a warm cup of cocoa – MAMAMOO’s voices wrap around us gently, telling us that Christmas truly is here. 

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TWICE – ‘Merry & Happy’

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You’ve heard of Friendsgiving, now get ready for a Friendsmas, thanks to this bouncy, jingle bell-laden track by TWICE. The song is a heartwarming tribute to the friends who become our home away from home, leaving no stone unturned in making the bad days good and good days better. As the members of TWICE prepare for their own Christmas party, we come to realise that sometimes, a family is you and the weird-ass people you come to call friends. 

Purple Kiss – ‘My My’

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Is any Christmas complete without giving us a track about wanting to (finally) get your crush to notice you? We thought so. Rest assured, Purple Kiss’ ‘My My’ will prompt you to finally put your own Christmas romance into motion. A little sweet, a little spicy, loads of cute – the song might just be the catalyst that gets you to hang up mistletoe and find someone to kiss underneath it. 

BTS’ Jimin – ‘Christmas Love’

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There are some Christmas songs that haunt our nightmares (don’t lie, you know we’re right). Then, there are gems like Jimin’s ‘Christmas Love’ – released last year as a surprise for his fans, ‘Christmas Love’ brings an innocent, sweet charm to the season for everyone who loves the holidays. Taking us back to the time when all we used to worry about was opening gifts on Christmas morning, ‘Christmas Love’ is a wonderful, sweet ode to the season – with Jimin’s voice as the cherry on top. 

Stray Kids – ‘24 to 25’

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We usually associate Stray Kids with their head-banging, chest-thumping bangers. ‘24 to 25’, however, is one of those times where Stray Kids prove that there is no flavour they can’t master – they’re cooking up Christmas anthems like ‘five-star Michelin’. A sweet tribute to their fans STAY, ‘24 to 25’ sees the band lovingly and playfully imploring their fans to wait out the magical night of Christmas Eve with them. When the invitation is so sweet, how can we refuse? 

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