After calling for fans to publicly harass Pete Davidson, Kanye West comes to a resolution with Kim Kardashian and apologizes.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Kanye West called Pete Davidson a loser and called for fans to yell “Kimye!” at Davidson and Kim Kardashian whenever they’re seen in public. Kim was understandably upset at this post, as the fan-celebrity relationship on the internet can often be toxic and parasocial— leading fans to literally act out the orders of celebs and sometimes take matters into their own hands, beyond what was ever asked.

Kim Kardashian expressed these concerns to Kanye, stating, “U are creating a dangerous and scary environment and someone will hurt Pete and this will all be your fault.” Reinforcing the notion that not only is she free to be with whoever she chooses, she should also be free from harassment from her former husband.

The two sides seem to be in a flux of miscommunication, as Ye is doing what he thinks is right to protect his family and his relationship with them, while Kim is telling him the very things he is doing is putting the family in danger and straining their relationship.

Today, February 15th, Kanye chose to apologize due to the learning experience he went through.

“I’ve learned that using all caps makes people feel like I’m screaming at them. I’m working on my communication. I can benefit from a team of creative professionals, organizers, mobilizers and community leaders. Thank everybody for supporting me. I know sharing screen shots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim. I take accountability. I’m still learning in real time. I don’t have all the answers. To be good leader is to be a good listener.”

Ye is set to debut his latest albumDonda 2, to a live performance in Miami on the same day it releases: Tuesday, February 22nd. If you want to look at a leaked track list for Donda 2 check out our article here.

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