It was one of the biggest releases of 2011, but now Kanye West as seemingly confirmed that a sequel to Watch The Throne is on the way.

Back in 2011, Kanye West and Jay-Z teamed up to deliver Watch The Throne, a collaborative album which saw the pair cement their status as two of hip-hop’s most talented musicians.

However, as the years went on and fans expected to hear a sequel to the record, the pair had a rather highly-publicised falling out.

In fact, back in 2016, Kanye West criticised Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service, noting that it was “fucking up the music game“, and revealed that “there will never be a Watch The Throne 2.” Needless to say, fans were devastated to know that one of hip-hop’s best albums of the last decade would not receive a follow-up.

Now, it seems as though this might all be about to change.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Kanye West shared out a rather simplistic Tweet which simply read “throne2 coming soon”.

Almost instantly, fans picked up on this Tweet as being an indicator that Watch The Throne 2 is indeed on its way, though Kanye has yet to offer any more information in regards to a release date, or whether or not his feud with Jay-Z is actually over.

While 2 Chainz explained back in 2016 that the pair are “still brothers”, it was revealed earlier this year that the iconic duo are in fact back “on speaking terms”, though no further information about their tumultuous relationship has come to light since then.

As it stands, this Tweet comes just a matter of days after two new Kanye West songs were released, with ‘XTCY’ dropping on August 30th, and the Lil Pump collaboration ‘I Love It’ dropping on Friday at the 2018 Pornhub Awards.

While we’re still waiting for more info about this supposedly upcoming release, we’re definitely excited to learn that the very notion of Watch The Throne 2 is apparently still very much alive, and apparently well and truly on its way to us.

Check out Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘No Church In The Wild’:

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