Photographer and longtime confidant of Kate Bush, John Carder Bush, has released some never before seen photographs of the artist, and boy are they stunning.

It has now been 40 years since Kate Bush first came into our lives with her debut smash hit Wuthering Heights, and since then she has gracefully elevated into icon status in the world of music. Though often reclusive and hidden from the public eye, she still remains one of the greatest musicians alive.

A new book titled Kate: Inside the Rainbow contains a treasure trove of shots taken by her brother, John Carder Bush, during Kate’s lifetime.

“Step into the life of Kate Bush like never before – through the lens of her brother. Kate: Inside the Rainbow is a new photography book any fan would love to get their hands on,” reads the description of the new project.

Take a look at some of the photographs included in the new book below.

All photographs are by John Carder Bush.

Kate Bush

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Kate Bush Kate Bush Kate Bush Kate Bush

John has been taking pictures of Kate since she was just six years old, meaning his book covers her life in full; from before her break to her rise as a global pop icon. It’s hard to get closer to someone than through their sibling, so you can bet this is an insider’s peek at in its most honest form.

“You can see the strength of her face and the strength of her eyes, and I think that’s the determination not to go on the assembly line that existed for women pop stars in the late 70s,” he says, “Kate was courageous because she didn’t want anything to do with that. She was very clear that she wanted the work to be about her music, not her looks.”

The album and single covers were a clear attempt to project what Kate’s music was about. With albums there’s permanence – it’s like creating a painting, something people will treasure. I think the fact we worked from a home studio and could finish when we wanted, almost in a cottage industry, had huge advantages.”

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