There’s fresh evidence that Korn could be ready to revisit the idea of a cover album project called Korn Kovers, with the band teasing what looks to be a potential cover of a Charlie Daniels track.

In a tweet, the band posted a roadside signboard with the following letters on it: “EHE DENITA WONT EOWG VO TELRGID”.

One eagle-eyed Korn fan quickly deduced that the letters can be jumbled to spell “THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA”, which is the name of a 1979 track by Charlie Daniels.

The American country singer performed and wrote southern rock, country and bluegrass music, and died earlier this month at 83. ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ was one of his biggest radio hits, and hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Chart.

It would certainly be a late tribute, with Daniels passing on July 6th, but as Loudwire points out, it’s certainly not too far away from his death for the band to want to pay their dues.

As previously mentioned, Korn have spoken publicly on several occasions about releasing a covers album, and last year Brian ‘Head’ Welch said that “there’s a handful of cover songs that nobody’s ever heard before.”

In May of 2020, the idea popped up again, in an interview where Head was asked if Korn Kovers would ever become a reality. “We have five or six done, and Jonathan Davis was really hyped on the idea of doing unique covers – just something fun,” he said.

“So we need to get back into that frame of mind. With this time off, that maybe could be a good idea – something to do while we’re at home.”

Obviously recording has been made difficult for many in recent times due to the global pandemic, and Korn drummer Ray Luzier recently opened about how he’d been coping with the situation.

“It is what it is, man. What can we do? It’s a worldwide pandemic. It’s crazy, it’s nuts. No one predicted this — well, some people did, but that’s a whole other topic,” he said, on the Eric Black Was Here’s Rockcast.

Check out ‘Freak On A Leash’ by Korn: 

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