Some people spent their time in quarantine baking Foccacia, making ceramics or spiralling into a state of abject depression. Youtuber Szymok Walak, however, spent the lockdown period putting together a cover of every single Korn song.

Walak has not let the fruits of his labour go unnoticed, and he’s kicked off 2021 by offering up his hard work on a platter for the entertainment of us, less productive people. The musician has executed the mammoth task of putting together a 10-minute video in which he plays the entire Korn catalogue in chronological order on guitar and drums.

“I’ve been making this video for two months,” admitted Walak. “Korn changed my life and this is a tribute to them.” It’s a mighty feat that we deem worth 10-minutes of your day, check it out below.

Check out this Korn Cover Chronology by Szymok Walak:

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Korn, like many of their music contemporaries, were royally fucked over by the coronavirus pandemic. The band were forced to scheduled their co-headling tour with fellow heavy metal hardhitters Faith No More. Irrespective of all plans awry, Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu is feeling optimistic about the future of live music.

During an interview with Offstage With DWP, the rocker delved into what he envisions live Korn shows will look like in the future. Musing that because everybody has been so deprived of the live experience for so long, once things get back to normal there’ll be a new air of virility.

“If we all can just chill out, it’s gonna pass, and we will be back rocking,” he says. “And when we do, it’s gonna be like letting bulls out of cages. It’s gonna be the most insane, probably, crowds we’ve ever seen in our life, and insane performances from bands ever, because you have a bunch of tied up bulls. We’re being held back, and when you let us loose, it’s gonna be on and poppin’, man. It’s gonna be crazy.”