Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has declared that followers of US President Donald Trump will blindly support him “no matter what” he does.

Following the bombshell that Trump had acknowledged the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic long before disclosing how serious it is to the public, Morton took to Twitter to say that despite the shocking revelations, Trump supporters are unlikely to change their political stance.

“Democrats all high fiving & doing cartwheels about the Woodward tapes as if it’s gonna change anyone’s mind,” he began.

“You’re ignoring a fundamental truth. TRUMP SUPPORTERS DONT CARE WHAT HE DOES. They’re all in no matter what. He told you that from the jump. It simply does not matter.”

Morton has regularly weighed in on the political situation in the US, with the guitarist taking aim at Trump in July after he declared that the country is only seeing a spike in new coronavirus infections because more people are being tested for the virus.

Mark tweeted: “It must be so insulting for the people that make up his actual base of support to see shit like this. He really thinks y’all are this stupid?? To have your intelligence so grossly underestimated over & over, I would imagine it’s got to be exhausting to stay loyal to this regime.”

Speaking to A&P Reacts in a previous interview, he explained that it’s important for him to use his platform to create awareness about current events and what’s happening in the world.

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“When something’s really wrong or there’s a discussion not being had or there’s something being ignored… I have a platform, and I have a platform in our music, in what we talk about lyrically, and social media, for better or worse, is a platform — I don’t know if it’s the best one, but it is one, and it’s one I engage in.”

“So I do speak my mind,” he continued. “And I try to be open to other people’s opinions and the fact that not everyone’s gonna agree with me. I don’t think my opinions can be put into a tight, neat little box, because there are things that I’m very liberal on, things that I’m very conservative on and things that I’m in the middle on.”

“But lately, particularly in the last week or so, I’ve had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. And I don’t make any apologies for that.”

Check out ‘Walk With Me In Hell’ by Lamb Of God:

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