If you were to make a list of things you didn’t expect to see this year, we’ve got a new front runner for you, because Ben Lee and Lena Dunham just hosted a “psychological exploration” of Liam and Noel Gallagher for some reason.

Back in August, Girls creator Lena Dunham took to Twitter to post her reaction to the 2016 documentary, Oasis: Supersonic.

After asserting herself as a regular Noel (I’m a Liam, personally), Aussie musician Ben Lee soon chimed in, kicking off a discussion which resulted in the pair of them making plans to work together sometime soon.

Sure enough, this prospective partnership came to a head in September when they announced the creation of ‘Champagne Superanalysis’, an Oasis-themed evening that was intended to consist of “songs and readings” in Los Angeles.

As Stereogum reports, ‘Champagne Superanalysis’ took place at Los Angeles’ Largo on Sunday night , and featured the pair discussing the relationship between Liam and Noel Gallagher with a vast array of special guests.

Opened by Brad Pitt (who apparently welcomed everyone by proclaiming “let’s do this, you cunts”), the evening featured appearances from an impressive list of special guests, including Spike Jonze, Julianna Barwick, Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes), Lisa Loeb, Retta, Cary Brothers, and Lee’s wife, Ione Skye.

While it isn’t exactly clear what their analysis of the Gallagher brothers’ relationship actually resulted in, it seemed to be quite a strange one, featuring deconstructions of their interviews, and interpretive dancing to ‘Wonderwall’.

In related news, the last year has seen quite a bit of activity in the Gallagher brothers camp, with Liam suggesting an Oasis reunion after reportedly ‘forgiving’ Noel.

Sadly, the idea appears to have been nixed after Noel did not reply to his brother’s appeal for sibling stability. Despite this, singer Robbie Williams theorised that an Oasis reunion is inevitable, and will only come about once the cash from the Gallaghers’ respective solo careers runs out.

“Liam Gallagher has just come back and he’s done pretty well,”Williams told The Sun. “He had a platinum record with his solo album and I think that’s what everybody was waiting for. I think the next time he releases an album it won’t do as well.”

“Noel’s album didn’t do too good either. I think it sold like 70,000 copies or something, which for Noel isn’t great.”

“If they’re anything like me, which I think they are, they will want to be doing the most successful thing they can do, and the most successful thing they can do is a reunion. I think they’ll both need to do it.”

Check out Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’:

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