Liam Payne, former One Direction member, has just released his debut solo album, LP1, and the fan reaction has ended up with #liampayneisoverparty trending on Twitter.

The 17-song album is not only getting terrible critical reviews, but fans of Payne are infuriated by the new track ‘Both Ways’, which many are claiming is straight-up biphobic. Calls to cancel the artist have already begun trending on the app, and we can hear Payne typing his apology on the Notes app as we speak.

The reason ‘Both Ways’ is ruffling so many feathers is because the singer seems to fetishize bisexuality throughout the entire thing. ‘Yeah she like it both ways’ is identified as the main attraction to the woman in question in this song, and many are seeing that as lusting over bisexual women as if they are some kind of rarity built to serve straight men’s attractions.

The chorus of the song goes:

“She said we’re young and we’re stupid / She said, ‘Come on, boy let’s do this’ / Make every day my birthday/

Let’s celebrate, like oh my gosh / She do things you won’t believe / My girl, she like it both ways/ She like the way it all taste/

Couple more, we’ll call it foreplay / No, no, I don’t discriminate / Bring it back to my place / Yeah, she like it both ways.”

Listen to the song yourself below, and gaze at the god-awful text choice on that album cover.

Fans and otherwise immediately took to Twitter to express their anger, because even though he’s far from the first person to sing about threesomes and women hooking up with one another, the old trope that females only engage in sexual activity with one another to please their male partner is pretty tiresome. We’re over it. Harry Styles would never be this stupid.

One user tweeted, “Liam fetishizing bisexuality is not him coming to terms with his own sexuality. Liam being crude, offensive and also corny when talking about sex is just gross. There’s nothing to salvage. He’s done #liampayneisoverparty.”

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