Sometimes a politician will prove himself so unbelievably clueless that he makes the rest of his ilk look like the Manhattan Project. Case in point is Liberal MP Luke Simpkins, who’s best known for claiming that accidentally eating Halal is “one step down the path” towards converting to Islam.

As the Daily Mail reports, the West Australian backbencher recently took to Facebook to express his outrage after he spotted several stickers plastered over the footbridge at the Leederville Railway Station in Perth. “I noticed black disks that appeared to be Shahada symbols,” he wrote.

For those unfamiliar, the Shahada, which translates as “the testimony”, is an Islamic creed that declares ones belief in the oneness of God and the acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet. Recently, black-and-white flags bearing the creed have been mistaken in the media as representing terrorist group ISIL.

“Last week, I noticed black disks that appeared to be Shahada symbols,” Simpkins wrote. “Thanks to the Transport Minister and his adviser for getting them painted over quickly after my call.” However, the “Shahada symbols” that Simpkins and the Transport Minister used tax dollars to remove were in fact logos for a club night.

As the Daily Mail notes, the black disks were advertising Speakeasy, a Perth nightclub event which has hosted the likes of Flume and Nina Las Vegas. They were not, as Simpkins asserted in his since-deleted Facebook post, anything to do with Islam.

“It’s definitely nothing to do with Islamic Anything,” Metric Promotions event manager Pierce Ericson said in an interview with the Daily Mail. In fact, according to Mr Ericson, the stickers had been placed on the bridge “two or three years ago”.

“We’re trying not to take it seriously but it’s certainly pretty ridiculous,” Mr Ericson, who laughed after hearing about the incident, added. Joining him are numerous punters on social media, who quickly began ridiculing the MP with tongue-in-cheek comments.

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“‘Speakeasy’, the club where all radical muslims attend to discuss how they’re going to take over Perth,” wrote user Pat Stevenson. “I tried going there to organise a jihad but I couldn’t hear anyone over that very new age definition of prayer music that constantly plays at a loud volume,” joked Rob Grimsey.

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