Lil Baby has declared that he is the Lil Wayne of the new generation on a new track from EST Gee, ‘5500 Degrees’, as reported by Complex.

On the track he raps, “I’m going too crazy, I’m the Wayne of this new generation, N***as fugazi, they can’t fuck with us no type of ways, these n***as too lazy/I’m cut from a different type of cloth, I don’t know who raised ’em/Every time I pop out all the women screaming, ‘Woo, Baby.’”

The track also features rappers 42 Dugg and Rylo Rodriguez. This isn’t the first time that Lil Baby has drawn these comparisons though and it’s more than just the fact that they both go by Lil.

Last year in December, Baby told Complex in an interview that he thinks Lil Wayne is essentially the best in the business. He said, “I don’t see nobody better than Lil Wayne, period.”

Off the back of that, Lil Tunechi had some equally nice words to say about Baby on an episode of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All the Smoke podcast.

“I was in a session with him before,” Wayne said.

“He heard a beat come on out of the blue that I was working on. It was an uptempo beat. It was probably a feature for somebody. Baby was like ‘I couldn’t even begin to rap on no shit like that.’”

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“After that session, I done heard two or three songs like that come out that he done did. I was like ‘See, he went right back and figured it out.’”

Looking forward, Baby’s taking cues from Wayne’s mentality to keep going with his career. “I feel like he could do whatever he wanted to do was because he put the numbers up behind him. So that’s the way I’m kind of rocking. I’m gonna rock out how I wanna rock out, as long as I put the numbers up.”

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