16 songs from the highly-anticipated debut studio album from Lil Nas X have seemingly leaked online.

Lil Nas X announced the forthcoming record, Montero, with an elaborate Marvel-inspired trailer. The teaser interpolated footage from his past eras, with nods to his runaway breakthrough ‘Old Town Road’, and Montero lead single ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’.

Lil Nas did not set an official release for the debut, merely teasing that it was “coming soon.” So far, Lil Nas has released three singles from the forthcoming record, the titular track, ‘Sun Goes Down,’ and the Jack Harlow collaboration ‘Industry Baby.’ 

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16 tracks from Montero have reportedly surfaced online via the subreddit r/leakthreads. The leaked version of Montero seems to be unfinished, with a number of tracks labelled “demo.”

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The tracklist reveals two unconfirmed collaborations; ‘Empathy’ with Sam Smith and ‘Am I Dreaming’ with Miley Cyrus. Lil Nas is yet to release the official album tracklist, so it remains unknown how many of these unfinished songs will make the Montero final cut. You can find the unofficial tracklist below.

Lil Nas has stayed strategically tight-lipped about the forthcoming record. “It’s all connecting to one little world,” He revealed during a recent interview with Kerwin Frost Talks.

“It’s pretty cohesive. It’s very much straightforward, like OK, this Montero: This is how I feel about the future, about this past event, about this current thing going, this part of my love life, this part of family, this part of my career, you know? I really wanna let people to get to know Montero. It’s definitely deeper, but it still has it’s bops.”

Check out ‘Industry Baby’ by Lil Nas X

Montero Tracklist

  1. ‘Dead! Right Now’
  2. ‘Industry Baby’ (Feat. Jack Harlow)
  3. ‘Life After Salem’
  4. ‘What I Want’
  5. ‘Tales of Dominica’
  6. ‘Empathy’ (Feat. Sam Smith)
  7. ‘Anomaly’
  8. ‘Dolla Sign Slime’
  9. ‘Void’
  10. ‘You Can Awake’
  11. ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’
  12. ‘Scoop’
  13. ‘One of Me’
  14. ‘Lost in the Citadel’
  15. ‘Sun Goes Down’
  16. ‘Am I Dreaming’ (Feat. Miley Cyrus)