Lil Wayne’s “Weezy F Baby and the F is for Phenomenal” from his 2009 track ‘Yes’ has since reached icon status, but it turns out the whole thing was actually a mistake. 

Wayne’s longtime manager Cortez Bryant recently appeared on Andrew Barber’s Fake Shore Drive show, and the pair delved into the genesis of the line.

“The word starts with ‘ph,’ but he said ‘f,’ right?” Bryant recalled. “He was like, ‘Oh sh-t, I gotta change that.’ We released it. We had an argument about that. He not understanding the concept about digital, and it’s gone now…We had pressed tons of CDs, but he didn’t realize he spelled it wrong, and I didn’t catch it.”

He continued to explain that Lil Wayne is so particular and careful about his music that he was determined to fix the mistake.

“Wayne is a perfectionist about that, using his words and prepositions in [the] correct way,” Bryant explained. “He might misspell something on purpose for lyrical exercise and wordplay, but he’s really precise about his wordplay. He was really down, pissed, ‘F-ck the whole mixtape’ just because of that one damn line.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bryant discussed the possibility of the entire Lil Wayne back catalogue making its way to streaming services. As it stands, a number of Lil Tunechi’s mixtapes are yet to hit Spotify and Apple Music.

“Now with streaming, I think that we want to put out everything man, all the mixtapes,” Bryant said. “We want everyone to hear, discover. At least that’s where everybody listens to music, so they’re not forced to go into their iTunes catalogues from back in the day of what they downloaded. We want to make sure it’s at their fingertips on streaming platforms.”

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