Outspoken UK musician Lily Allen has made an exit from social media site Twitter, claiming the platform is used to “spread disinformation and lies”.

On Friday, the world was burdened by the news that the United Kingdom general election had given victory to the Conservative party, resulting in Boris Johnson being appointed as the Prime Minister.

Following the news, singer Lily Allen took to Twitter to lash out at the social media platform for allowing “unchecked targeted bespoke propaganda” to be spread, which she implied was partially to blame for Johnson’s win in the recent election.

While TV host Piers Morgan went on to note that “I think I speak for Britain when I say if @lilyallen doesn’t like it here, why doesn’t she f*** off”, this appeared to be the last straw, with Allen’s account being deactivated soon after.

Although some reports initially claimed that the singer had been booted from the platform for her political views, she has since taken to Instagram to open up about the situation, noting that it wasn’t bullying that caused her exit, but rather her being fed up at the platform’s continued spread of “disinformation and lies”.

Check out Lily Allen’s Instagram posts:

“I said I thought the election was won by Boris because of this country’s deep rooted racism and misogyny,” Allen explained.

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“It’s being reported that I deleted my Twitter because I couldn’t handle the abuse and humiliation that I got in the wake of my comments. It’s annoying of course to be bullied and have so much hate thrown in your direction, but that’s been happening for 10 years.

“I deleted my Twitter because I really believe that these platforms have given a voice to the far right, and they use them to spread disinformation and lies, which win them elections and ruin people’s lives. If they didn’t exist we wouldn’t be here.”

As she continued, Allen asked those who are set to be overlooked by the UK government not to be forgotten about, requesting her followers look past the media and care for the societal underdogs.

“Also, the tabloids are just trying to make people like myself look like the losers of this election,” she added.

“Make no mistake, the losers are the millions of children relying of foodbanks, the increasing numbers of homeless people, people on waiting lists for lifesaving operations.”

Check out ‘The Fear’ by Lily Allen:

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