Linkin Park’s latest record may be be dividing fans to the point that it’s royally pissing lead singer Chester Bennington off, but that hasn’t stopped it from going to the number one spot on the Billboard album charts this week, and helping the band hit a pretty solid milestone as a result.

As Billboard reports, One More Light makes it six albums out of seven to hit the coveted mark, earning an equivalent of 111,000 sales across the week, with 100,000 of them actual sales rather than streams.

While it still puts the band a fair way from The Beatles on the all-time list (they notched up a whopping 19), Linkin Park have now officially scored as many #1 records as Metallica, The Eagles and Bon Jovi, and are perilously close to Led Zeppelin and U2 who sit on 7 a piece.

Between their studio efforts, remix albums and Jay Z side-project Collision Course, Billboard have penciled in 10 of the band’s albums in the top 10 so far.

Whether this new album, which sounds somewhere between Rhianna and Hillsong, will put enough people off to deny them a seventh #1, only time will tell.