We’ve got good news because apparently listening to metal music is really good for your health, according to a new study that we 100% trust. 

As reported by Loudwire, it seems like heavy metal might be the best thing for ya. The Vera Clinic – a Turkish cosmetic surgery clinic – conducted a new study that found that listening to the genre helps to lower blood pressure and also reduce stress levels. Don’t mind if we do.

“The results may seem surprising on first inspection, but medically they make a lot of sense,” says the study’s leader, Dr. Omer Avlanmis. “In terms of heavy metal, I’d observe that angry music can help listeners process their feelings and as a result lead to greater well-being.”

For the study the clinic observed 1,540 respondent between the ages of 18 and 65 as they underwent various mental stress tests. While doing these tests, the respondents listened to Spotify playlists of varying genres – including metal of course – in order to monitor their psychological responses to each.

It was then that the researchers discovered that heavy metal showed excellent results: 18% of respondents showed a reduction in heart rate and a huge 89% also saw a decrease in blood pressure.

Only 11% of respondents actually had an increase in their blood pressure while blasting the genre. To give you an idea, a genre like techno led to increased blood pressure for a whopping 78% of respondents.

We’ve always known how cathartic metal is but this just confirms it. So thanks, The Vera Clinic, we’re away to blast some Metallica now.

And in a roundabout way, this also confirms that we – Tone Deaf – are very good for your health too. As daily providers of metal news and metal music, it’s literally paramount to your physical wellbeing that you read us everyday (‘A Tone Deaf article a day keeps the doctor away’ is the common proverb I believe). No questions.

Start your health kick by listening to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’:

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