American rapper Logic has shared an Instagram video showing him in the studio with actor Rainn Wilson, who is best known for playing Dwight on The Office.

In the clip, Logic compliments Wilson’s music-making skills.

“My man is making beats right now, and he’s really snapping,” Logic says about Wilson who can be seen tapping away at a beat making machine at Logic’s house.

“You may be Black,” Logic jokes to Wilson, who responds: “Right?!”

Logic shared the clip with him 6.6 million followers, and captioned it: “Look who stopped by to cook some beets.”

The post was littered with impressed comments from established rappers.

“Wooooowww!!! [fire emojis] he’s definitely my fav on the office now,” New York rapper Gorilla Nems wrote.

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“My guy DWIGHT … legendary,” Grammy-nominated rapper Lex Luger penned.

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The 2017 hit ‘1-800-273-8255’ is one of Logic’s biggest songs, and, it turns out the tune actually helped save lives. Taking its name from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s phone number, the rapper’s 2017 track was one of the most divisive hits of that year.

A recent study found that Logic’s song had a big impact on people’s lives. According to a study conducted by The BMJ (British Medical Journal), there was a 5.5% reduction in suicides among 10-to-19-year-olds in the U.S. during three key periods of public attention surrounding Logic’s song.

These key periods include the first month after the song’s initial release, Logic’s performance of the song at the 2017 MTV VMAs, and his further rendition of it at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Based on those figures, that amounts to 245 less suicides based on a corresponding model over the same time periods. The study also discovered that there was an increase in the number of calls made to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline during these three periods – the Lifeline received 9,915 more calls than they usually do, an increase of 6.9%.

“Celebrities but also non-celebrities can have an important role in suicide prevention if they communicate about how they have coped with crisis situations and suicidal ideation,” the study’s author Thomas Niederkrotenthaler, an associate professor in the department of social and preventive medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, explained to CNN.

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