Macklemore has opened about his relapse during the COVID-19 pandemic on fellow recovering addict Dax Shepard’s podcast. 

In the latest episode of Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard, Macklemore revealed that Shepard admitting he had relapsed in 2020 after 16 years of sobriety “really, really resonated” with him.

“[Shepard’s admission] was within two months of my COVID relapse, and the disease of addiction is crazy,” he said.

“It made me feel, as someone that had relapsed again, like a month or two before, that I’m not alone.”

Macklemore, who was first admitted to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse in 2008, thanked Shepard for helping him realise that a relapse is not a sign of failure.

“I’ve spent most of the last 11 years in recovery, and it’s made me who I am,” he said.

“I’ve compromised my life and other people around me, I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, but I do have that foundational level of 10 years of recovery, and I’m fucking proud of that.”

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The rapper previously discussed the life-saving effects of treatment programs during an appearance on People’s Party With Talib Kweli in February.

“If it wasn’t for my pops having the 10 or 12 racks that it was when I first went to treatment and being willing to spend that on me, I’d be fucking dead,” he said.

In other news, Macklemore last week announced that he’s expecting his third child with wife Tricia Davis. The pair are already parents to two daughters: Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty, 5, and Colette Koala Haggerty, 3.

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Check out Macklemore discussing his relapse on Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard: