Marlin Manson’s antichrist superstar persona has seen many church authorities and mums offended during his tenure of creating industrial-goth-rock that pleaded his audience to stand against traditional societal norms.

Now, it seems like his over the top attitudes towards rebelling against the grain have led him to a fully blown onstage meltdown, ending a recent show ending after four songs.

As reported by Brooklyn Vegan, during his show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on February 15th, Manson began to deliver “incoherent rants” while his band improvised, before walking off stage to fans chanting “fuck you Manson”.

In the video below, Manson can be heard muttering lines like “I’m not going home because I’m gonna fuck everyone but you” continuously over his band whilst waltzing around stage directionless.

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Many fans have taken to Instagram to describe their experience at the live event, chalking his mental snap to ongoing drug abuse, with one punter saying the show was a “complete failure”.

“Tried seeing Marilyn Manson tonight. We have seen him on 4 other occasions and always entertained. This time due to being so drugged, drunk, or sick unfortunately this concert was a complete failure.”

The video below shows fans begin to chant “fuck you Manson”.

Reddit user has further explained their experience at the show, describing that Manson was “wasted” during the meet and greet, “There’s no more to it. I had the meet and greet. He was wasted. He was worse on stage. Rambled on and on about us loving him. ”

Although many fans have demanded refunds for the show, they expressed their sadness at his current mental state.

Just months ago, Manson was forced to cancel his US tour late last year after being crushed by a stage prop.