Never a dull moment with any GOT7 member: ahead of the release of his single ‘My Life’, Mark Tuan accidentally ended up spoiling his own song. 

Has there ever been a day when a member of GOT7 hasn’t created chaos? Not really. This time, it’s Mark Tuan, who accidentally ended up spoiling his own song ahead of release. 

Earlier today, Mark released an audio snippet of an upcoming song on his Instagram. The song was titled ‘???’, with Mark asking fans when he should drop the track. 

It seemed to be a callback to another snippet he had posted last month on his YouTube, also titled ‘???’. In said clip, Mark could be seen raising his finger to his lips and providing a peek at his computer to show an instrumental playing. 

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Well, eagle-eyed fans discovered that the Instagram audio clip was just long enough to be Shazamed… so that’s what they did. Those who did discovered the song’s title, ‘My Life’, along with unreleased cover art for the track. While Shazaming the track doesn’t actually give away any more than the snippets Mark has already released, it still spoiled the surprise – albeit not entirely. 

Mark soon realized the goof-up his snippet had caused and took to Twitter to be baffled by technology: “My dumbass didnt think people could shazam the song…” 

It’s okay, Mark – we all have those moments. If anything, it’s inadvertently genius marketing. 

‘My Life’ will be the anticipated follow-up to Tuan’s ‘Last Year’, which was the singer’s first solo English-language single. The singer, along with the rest of GOT7, departed from their long-time agency JYP Entertainment in January last year to pursue a solo career. The group, however, have not disbanded. 

More details about ‘My Life’ are awaited. 

Check out ‘Last Breath’ by Mark Tuan:

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