Bassist David Ellefson of U.S. heavy metal outfit Megadeth has revealed that the band is in the studio and recording a new album.

It’s been four years since we’ve had a new album come from Megadeth, but we shouldn’t have to wait much longer, as the metal collective is in the studio recording some new tunes.

Although it was revealed back in February that the band was beginning to record their sixteenth album, COVID-19 stepped into the picture, causing quite the delay on the making of the new record.

As bassist David Ellefson has spoken before saying that the band wouldn’t be recording remotely due to the fact that the magic happens when they’re in the room together, it’s taken until now (where the U.S. has lowered their coronavirus restrictions despite surging cases) for the boys of Megadeth to bring themselves together again to record.

In a recent interview with The Metal Circus, David Ellefson confirms that the new album is on the way as he and drummer Dirk Verbeuren are in the studio and working on tracks for an album that has been in the works since 2017.

“Recording happens in various stages,” Ellefson began. “First, the basic tracks, which, for us, is bass and drums. And then the rhythm guitars, and then starting to put some vocals down and solos and all the embellishments of extra guitars and whatever layers of melody and stuff.”

To begin, Ellefson stated that “the main thing, the first thing we wanted to get done was drums and bass,” meaning that him and Verbeuren worked through those stages this past week.

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“So, look, it’s underway. I think that’s the good news now — the album is officially underway,” Ellefson detailed.

“We’ve been writing it since late 2017 — our last show was in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in November of 2017. And then the intention from there was just to get started composing. But it’s on its way — the ship is sailing, which is great.”

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