It might feel like music venues are dying breed at times, especially after the recent news broke about the battle facing beloved Melbourne venue Howler. Despite this, the news isn’t all bad as it turns out that Melbourne is set to receive a brand new music venue in just a couple of weeks.

As Mixmag reports, the underground venue is set to open thanks to the booking and promotional team behind Beyond The Valley, the partners of Pitch festival, and the folks behind Roar Projects.

In true Melbourne fashion, the venue will feature an industrial and sci-fi aesthetic, including exposed interior features, and will feature no signage to indicate that revellers have indeed arrived at ‘Xe54’, as it has been named. In fact, the only distinguishing features of the South Melbourne venue will be a lone xenon gas lamp, which is apparently how the club has received its name.

Michael Christidis, the director of Beyond The Valley, Pitch, and the Coburg Velodrome spoke to Mixmag about the fact that the venue is aiming to fill a gap in the Melbourne music scene by providing both international and national headliners, including acts who haven’t had a chance to play their own Melbourne shows before.

“The great thing about doing a club night is we have the people who will come consistently for the club offering and you can present quality artists to them and it’s all about presenting good music in the end,” Christidis said.

“So there’s a lot of acts that we’re really excited for that probably wouldn’t have had the chance to play in Melbourne for their own show, but we can then present them in front of a room of 700 people, helping build them as an artist and as long as it’s all great music we see it all being received very well.”

Xe54 is set to open on August 12th, but at the moment, most other details are being kept secret. So if this sounds like the sort of thing you’re after, be sure to keep up to date with the club’s Facebook page for more details.