You’ve heard Metallica’s ‘One’ be covered by guitars but you’ve probably never heard an orchestra cover quite like Little Kruta’s.

Metallica’s ‘One’ is one of those songs that have been repeatedly covered by musicians over the course of its three decade existence, so much so that it’s perhaps next-to-impossible for someone to do a new take on it.

Well it turns out that all you need is a little imagination because Little Kruta – a multi-genre orchestra consisting of Kristine Kruta (musical director and cello), Maria Im (concert mistress and violin), Katie Jacoby (violin and soloist), Chiara Fasi (violin), Molly Fletcher (violin), Laura Sacks (viola), Tia Allen (viola), Adi Meyerson (upright bass), and Rosie Slater (percussion) – have put a new classical spin on Metallica’s iconic song.

Recorded in a single day in a “decommissioned Brooklyn church,” this cover of ‘One’ is part of Little Kruta’s new album Justice, which is the orchestra’s classical reimagining of Metallica’s iconic 1988 album …And Justice For All.

Now it’s not the first time Metallica’s ‘One’ has been given the orchestra cover treatment. The band themselves did an orchestral arrangement of the song as part of their S&M² concert and it was pretty damn awesome.

But Little Kruta took things to the next level as not only were the guitars in ‘One’ replaced by classical string arrangements, but the well-known thrash vocal melodies were reinterpreted into something closer to smooth jazz than metal by vocalist Alita Moses.

The end result is something truly remarkable. You would probably never describe Metallica’s ‘One’ as “pretty” or “beautiful” but you may have to rethink that after listening to what Little Kruta did with their version of the song.

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Having teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony for their S&M and S&M2 albums, maybe it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we could see Metallica team up with Little Kruta at some point in the future.

Check out the orchestra cover of Metallica’s ‘One’ but Little Kruta: