Michael Hutchence died almost two decades ago, but he left behind a wealth of solo recordings, which are yet to see the light of day.

That will change very much with the announcement of a 15-song solo album, containing version of Hutchence’s unreleased recordings, finished and mixed by producer Danny Saber. Helipad Records owner Ron Creevey is behind the release, royalties from which he says will go to Hutchence’s daughter, Tigerlily.

“I heard some time ago about some unreleased music that was sitting out there, and then I approached [Hutchence’s] trust directly,” Creevey told the Guardian in July. “A total of 15 songs will be released. At least five songs are brilliant. There’s going to be two duets that will come out with two very big artists that I can’t legally name at the moment, and then there’s singles he did himself.”

Michael Hutchence’s sister Tina told news.com.au she believes the release would have the late singer’s blessing.

“I just know Michael would be so pleased with what Danny has done. Danny is a master and I remember Michael saying that after meeting Danny for 10 seconds, he wanted to work with him.

“Danny has totally captured Michael and the music is everything Michael had talked about as he had wanted to break loose [from the band] for a long time.”

This won’t be the first time Saber has been trusted with completing the late singer’s work: the producer completed work on what was to be Hutchence’s debut solo album. The album was self-titled, and released in 1999, just over two years after his death.

Creevey also told news.com.au that an official documentary about the singer will be released in 2017. “Michael kept extraordinarily intricate diaries and we have footage that no-one has ever seen,” he said.

“The doco will really focus on how Michael lived as opposed to how he died.”

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