Never one to shy away from his fair share of public backlash, Morrissey has certainly turned a few heads in the last few weeks. As you may already know, the German magazine ‘Spiegel Online’ published an interview detailing Morrisey’s defense of Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, ultimately branding the Smiths’ former frontman as a world-class victim blamer.

Since then, Morrissey has gone on to refute this claims, suggesting he was taken out of context, taking to Facebook to issue a statement that further states claims made in the article were incorrect.

Now, the publication has revealed untouched audio of the interview, revealing clearly Morrissey’s views on the controversial topics.

It can be heard, when asked about “#MeToo and [Harvey] Weinstein and all those things”, he says “To a point I did, but then it becomes a theater, and suddenly everybody’s guilty. Anybody who has ever said to a person, ‘I quite like you,’ suddenly they’re being accused of sexual harassment.” Sounds eerily similar to what was published in the article, doesn’t it?

The audio also reveals Morrisey’s thoughts on Kevin Spacey’s abuse allegations, with the British singer saying, “You have to assume that the boy had an inkling of what might possibly happen.” If that doesn’t confirm he’s absolutely bat-shit crazy, the audio also reveals Morrissey’s thoughts on the ‘dangers of multiculturalism’ attributing the issue to why “Germany had become the rape capital of Europe.”

You can listen to the interview here.