At the tail end of last year, Morrissey found himself in hot water with the press after a German print magazine allegedly misconstrued his defence of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. The former Smiths frontman pledged to “never do a print interview again” after the controversy arose. 

Now, the singer has self-published an interview conducted by a journalist named ‘John Riggers’ in which he details his current political stances and the legal action he plans to take against Spin magazine.

Last year, Spin magazine published an article headlined, “Morrissey’s political beliefs border on fascism” which the majority of this interview intends to clear up. Alluding the legal action he’s taking against them, he says he’ll “be interested to see how they explain themselves in court” and notes how they realised the article would put him in danger, yet went ahead and published it otherwise.

He went on to note how he now associates himself with the political party ‘For Britain’ – a far-right party created by Ukip (another far-right populist party) leader. Morrissey also went on to criticize the “loony left”, mentioning how they seem to forget “Hitler was left wing.”

Further on he also sounds off on topics like Theresa May’s leadership and how the EU “won’t allow Brexit to happen.”

Morrissey fans have begun to speculate that the said journalist ‘John Riggers’ may actually just be Morrissey himself, as his only other credits appear for an outlet named  ‘Alamist’ run by ‘Morrissey Fans of Portugal’. Both Riggers and Alamist have no online presence, furthering speculation the “interview”  was just an opportunity for Morrissey to clear his name.