Mötley Crüe are contemplating replacing themselves with avatars, hinting at a futuristic shift in their performances.

The iconic heavy metal band are reportedly exploring the possibility of using avatars to replace themselves at future concerts, following a similar announcement by KISS. This information surfaced during a discussion with Nikki Sixx, the band’s bassist, in an interview with Rockklassiker (as per Metal Injection). Sixx revealed he was open to the idea, highlighting the potential longevity this technology could offer to the band’s legacy.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” he said in the interview. “We did some stuff with holograms years ago before the technology was really fleshed out. At some point, we’re not gonna be here anymore.

“I mean, not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s just not gonna happen. And how great for your band, or whatever it is that you do, to be able to go forward for generations and generations. So I think when the time is right, put us in a coffin and fire up those avatars.”

As the music industry evolves, the use of avatars and holograms might become more prevalent, though it remains uncertain how fans will react to such digital replacements compared to traditional live performances. And the debate around authenticity and the live concert experience will continue too, especially with the rise of AI in music.

For those eager to experience Mötley Crüe live before any potential shift to avatar form, they have several tour dates lined up over the coming months, including appearances at the Minnesota State Fair, Illinois State Fair, and Ottawa Bluesfest.

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In other Mötley Crüe news, don’t expect new music from the band anytime soon.

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As per Blabbermouth, Sixx recently told Riff X that he didn’t see “a reason right now” for the band to record new music.

“We’re just playing festivals, and that takes us into October. We don’t have any plans next year yet. I know there’s some conversations about stuff. I mean, we have a few singles [already recorded], so I don’t see us [recording any new music right now]… We’re not gonna be around. I live in Wyoming and Vince [Neil, Crüe singer] lives in Tennessee, two guys in California, so I don’t… I don’t actually see a reason right now to go in the studio, ’cause we’ve got two more singles [recorded and ready] to [release],” he said.

“And I always wanna be sure that if we go in the studio, we have a reason or we have something we’re really inspired by, but it’s a lot of scheduling, and we tour and we have families. For me specifically, I have a five-year-old daughter, and I really wanna be with her as much as possible. So when the time came to go do these demos of these three songs and then go in the studio with [producer] Bob Rock, it was like a perfect time. And that time will happen again, but there’s no rush.”

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