And just like that, it was all over. My Chemical Romance brought their lauded reunion tour to an end with a huge Japan show over the weekend.

They certainly deserved a sensational closing concert, with the emo legend’s world tour being subject to several COVID-related delays. MCR finally arrived in Australia and New Zealand earlier this month, putting on incredible performances for fans in several cities, before heading to Japan for two shows.

The last one in Osaka took place this weekend, with the band going out with a bang. All the classics were played – “Teenagers”, “Welcome to the Black Parade”, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” – with the set finishing with the iconic “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”.

At the time of writing, Gerard Way and co. haven’t confirmed any further live shows; they also haven’t discussed the possibility of new music, with their last release coming with the excellent 2022 single ‘The Foundations of Decay’.

That’s why fans were unsurprisingly emotional about the reunion tour coming to an end. “Goodnight twitter dot com i fucking miss my chemical romance,” wrote someone on Twitter.

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“I miss my chemical romance already,” wrote someone else, alongside a picture of Peter Griffin from Family Guy being restrained.

“I just left my wife (american rock band my chemical romance) to go off to war (no more mcr shows in the foreseeable future) our only form of communication is the letters we send to each other (they barely use social media) i hope she doesn’t forget me (they don’t know who i am),” was how another fan comically summed up their feelings.

A Twitter user posted pictures of the band’s first and latest show to show the evolution in their style, while another person posted a detailed thread containing highlights of the band’s reunion tour.

“Thank you my chemical romance for such an amazing tour and the best fucking year of my life. i’ve met so many new friends because of this tour, the energy and excitement before/during every show, words cannot describe how great it was. excited to see what comes next!!” someone else gushed.

“At the end of it all, we are so fucking lucky to live in the same timeline as active band my chemical romance,” another emotional post read.

You can see some of the other best fan reactions to My Chemical Romance’s tour below.

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