Ahead of the release of their second full album Freak, Japanese rock band have dropped a dazzling music video for ‘Kininatteiku’. 

Japanese rock band Necry Talkie are all set to come back with their second full album Freak this May. Ahead of its release, the group has been ramping up anticipation with singles and music videos. The latest in this line in ‘Kininatteiku’ (roughly translated to ‘curious’ or ‘getting on my nerves’ in some contexts), which came today seeped in endearing old-timey aesthetics. 

In the music video, the quintet appear as an up and coming band performing a small venue for a less than ideal geriatric audience (for some). Keeping in line with the album’s overarching themes, the song delves into themes of inadequacy, depression, and restlessness. 

Throughout the song, they lament the executive dysfunction that’s become part of our lives, cursing simple things like filling out documents and lyrics like: ‘These days, I feel uneasy about sleeping, not like there’s any reason why, it’s the worst… I want to dance without thinking about anything, the me that’s still not good enough’. Whether it’s spurred on by the times we’re living or just the itching to change one’s lot in life is subjective, depending on where you are. 

‘Kininatteiku’ comes only days after the music video for ‘This Is All BULLSHIT To Me’, another track released in the run-up to Freak. For those who have been stuck at home dealing with work, the pandemic, and 2020 in general, the song’s portrayal of burnout and yearning for decompression will paint a familiar picture. 

Apart from appearing on Freak, ‘This Is All BULLSHIT To Me’ was also made in collaboration with the manga series Mikage Wants To Go Home, which follows the adventures of a similarly burnt out protagonist dealing with an annoyingly cheerful, overtime-obsessed colleague. Oh, and they fall in love.

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Check out ‘Kininatteiku’ by Necry Talkie:

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